5 Reasons People Choose to Sell Their House for Cash Quickly

April 28, 2021
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Many people find themselves in dire straits and need to find a way to get cash quickly. Selling a physical asset like a house is one of the biggest and fastest ways to relieve some of the financial burdens they may find themselves in. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that nearly 15% of all home sales in any given month can be attributed to investor purchases and cash sales. 

No matter what stage of the real estate cycle you find yourself in, you can trust KC Home Buyer Group to help you manage the journey. 

Here are five common reasons people choose companies like KC Home Buyer Group to quickly sell their house for cash

1. People Are Afraid of Another Housing Bust

In 2006-2008, people saw and experienced one of the worst housing busts since the Great Depression. People experienced sudden job loss and quick foreclosures. When people see the economy suffering, they’re likely to liquidate their assets so their mortgage won’t bury them if they lose their job. 

On another note, if you’ve got rental properties that aren’t making a profit, there isn’t much need to keep them going. If you can get out from under the financial obligation they pose, it might be a good idea to try and get out from under those as well.

2. Inherited Properties 

When you inherit a property, it can come with memories that you don’t always want to sift through. Plus, many inherited properties come with inherited issues. Back taxes and neglected maintenance can result in unintended high financial burdens when the home was willed or given to the new owners. 

3. Drastic Work Needed

It’s so easy to push off a task “until we have enough” or “until next tax season” or “until the weather is nicer.” It’s so easy to make excuses for delaying your home’s critical maintenance. 

When you delay long enough, catastrophic damages can occur. Sure, you can take out an equity loan to repair that roof leak, finish that remodel, or fix the foundation cracks. However, if you don’t have enough equity built into your home, these projects may seem daunting. 

Realtors tour homes all the time with partially completed remodels or repairs when the money just ran out. With a cash investor, they can buy the mortgage burden from you and work with their team to finish the work before selling it to the next owners. 

4. Rapid Sale for Quick Move

Many people don’t have the time to wait for a traditional sale. Rather than hope their agent can manage the sale and move on to their next chapter, they choose to sell for cash. This happens with cross-country or international moves, job losses, and other similar situations. 

5. Cash Sales with KC Home Buyer Group are Hassle-Free and Easy to Manage

When you sell your home for cash with KC Home Buyer Group, we can dig into our vast network of competent investors to make your home sale quick, easy, and stress-free. There is a short wait to figure out financing and close the sale in a matter of weeks, instead of months. Give us a call today.


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