5 Signs it’s Time to Sell Your Rental Property

December 8, 2021
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Tired of trying to manage your rental property? Weighing the option to sell your home?

If you’re a landlord in the Kansas City area perhaps you have wondered about selling your rental property. Maybe it’s too much work and not enough profit. Or maybe you’d like to upgrade to a place that requires less maintenance. 

Either way, it could be time to sell your home for cash. HouseGuys USA is one of the most effective home buyers in the Kansas City area. Guaranteeing you cash in hand in 7 days or less. When you are considering selling your rental property, make sure you take everything into account!

1. Bad Property Management

Poor management is one of the top reasons we see properties take a turn for the worse. If you’ve hired a property manager that didn’t do a proper job maintaining the rental home or property, you’re probably up against some challenges. As direct home buyers in the area, we see this happen often. 

There is a lack of trust in the industry that can complicate the process of hiring a property manager. And if you suffer from this, then, it could be a sign that it’s time to move on from your property and consider selling your home for cash

2. Deteriorating Neighborhood

The neighborhood in which your rental property is located is something you need to pay attention to. If the neighborhood around your property is deteriorating, it may be time to sell your house. There are many ways that you can tell if a neighborhood is in decline. 

You can drive through the area at different hours of the day and look for things that have changed. For example, there may be broken windows on homes or boarded-up houses now that weren’t there before.

Neighborhoods change over time. As people move in and out of homes in the area, and businesses come and go, the value of your property can change. If neighbors are doing a great job of keeping up their own homes and businesses are moving into the area, those are good signs. If the opposite is happening, it may be time to contact home buyers. 

3. Endless Repairs on Your Property

The truth is, anyone who has owned a rental property knows how frustrating repairs can be. We’ve all had to deal with tenants who don’t take care of their homes and contractors that overcharge for work. And this may be pushing you to ponder the question: “Should I sell my house for cash?”

Because if you own a rental property, you probably know firsthand about the constant repairs and upkeep that are required for your property. As a landlord, you can find yourself having to do repairs on your rental property on a regular rotation. This can be especially true for landlords who own properties in need of some renovation. 

4. Problems Finding Renters

Renting out property is a very rewarding experience, but there are also many challenges that might encourage you to sell your home.  One of the biggest problems faced by landlords is finding reliable tenants and getting them to pay on time, every time. While it’s important to make sure your rental property is in a desirable location and well-kept and secure, there is always the chance that it still won’t get filled. 

You want to make sure that you get someone who pays their rent on time every month and takes care of your property. Unfortunately, it can be really tough to screen renters well before they move in. When we buy houses in Kansas City, we often see people reach out to us because they struggle to fill their rentals. 

5. Don’t Have Time to Take Care of a Rental Home

If you’re like most people and own a rental property, then you know that time is always an issue. If you have the abilities and know-how to keep up on repairs and maintenance yourself, your schedule can quickly get away from you. Just when one task seems to be fixed or handled, another one inevitably pops up. Your other option is to hire these tasks out, but even then you spend time vetting contractors, getting bids, and following up with tenants. Owning rental properties is rarely a passive way to earn income. Maybe the lack of time makes you wonder: “Who will buy my house?”

As a landlord, you should always be looking to improve your rental property and the condition of your tenants. However, there are times when it may be difficult to keep up with everything that needs to get done. As the adage goes, “time is of the essence!” If you don’t have the time there is always the option to call up HouseGuys USA and determine if selling your house for cash is the right option for you.

Solution: Sell Your Rental Property for Cash

The HouseGuys USA are experts in solving real estate problems and we buy houses in Kansas City, and we do it all with cash. One of the most common problems people face today is the struggle of not being able to sell your home for cash. We provide a solution to this problem by buying houses fast in any condition. If you’d like to learn more about our services, call us today at 816-301-5917 or fill out a consultation form. 


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