Are You Looking For Cash Home Buyers? Here’s What You Should Know.

July 28, 2022
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Are You Looking For “Cash Home” Buyers? Here’s What You Should Know.

Have you researched the cheapest way to sell your home and found that selling fast to a cash buyer might be for you? You may be looking to sell your property to a home solutions company, like KC Home Buyer Group. 

What Is a “Cash for Home” Buyer? 

A “cash for home” buyer is just as it sounds; a company that pays for your house in cash. We know life can be unpredictable and things can happen, including foreclosure notices or getting behind on payments. Here at KC Home Buyer Group, we provide solutions to your home troubles by purchasing your property for cash. 

A cash offer is an all-cash bid, meaning the home buyer wants to purchase your house without a mortgage loan or other financing. Although you may not be getting the “top dollar” price for your home, there is a reason people are attracted to this idea. Here are the benefits of selling your property for cash:

  • Fast closing – Since there isn’t a mortgage lending process involved in cash offers, the closing process is much faster. Stop waiting 30-60 days for closing. When you use KC Home Buyer Group, you decide when closing is most convenient for you. We can close in as little as 7 days.
  • Save money – You can skip the real estate agent fee that will cost you 5-6% of your home sale price when you sell your home for cash. KC Home Buyer Group eliminates realtor fees, closing costs, and appraisal fees.
  • Fewer contingencies – Unlike traditional home sales, the chances of the home sale falling through are significantly reduced when you sell your home for cash. In fact, when you sell your home to KC Home Buyer Group, there are no inspections or appraisals in our process, guaranteeing a fast sale of your property. 
  • Ditch the repairs – You don’t need to worry about making repairs or staging your home. KC Home Buyer Group buys homes for cash as-is. There is no need to worry about the list of repairs you may need to make. We take care of it all.

The Best “Cash for Home” Company in Kansas City

At KC Home Buyer Group, we understand how difficult it can be to sell your property. We care about your situation and know that your home is more than just four walls and carpet. That’s why we strive to make this process easy and stress-free.

When you work with KC Home Buyer Group, you work with real people who are flexible and want to accommodate you. We recognize that times can be challenging and life can be unpredictable. That’s why we are devoted to helping homeowners in complicated situations find the answer to their problems and get back to everyday life.

We offer various solutions, from helping you work with your lender to get the payments more manageable, to buying your house with a fair, all-cash offer. We go above and beyond to provide exceptionally transparent offers, and unlike most “house for cash” companies, we buy homes in all conditions and styles. Here are a few examples of the properties we buy as-is in Kansas City: 

  • Single-Family Home
  • Multi-Family Homes
  • Condominium Units
  • Townhouses
  • Converted Homes
  • Duplex Units
  • Smaller Bungalows
  • Co-op Homes
  • Outdoor Cabins
  • Vacant Homes
  • Damaged Residential Property
  • Pre-renovation Homes

We can help eliminate your fear of “How will I sell my old home?” or “No one will buy my home with all of the repairs that need to be done.” Our experts can handle any home style, no matter how old! Are you worried about the condition of your property? We’re prepared to take anything off your hands. 

How Our Process Works

At KC Home Buyer Group, we buy houses for cash. Not only that, but we also provide solutions for those who need to sell their home quickly. When you work with us there are no fees, you receive fast cash, and we cut out the middleman. Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out our form or call us about your property.
  2. If it meets our buying criteria, we’ll get in touch with you and set up an appointment to view the property.
  3. We’ll propose a fair-priced, written offer that’s obligation-free.
  4. We close at a local, reputable title company.
  5. On closing day, you can leave behind any of your unwanted items for us to take care of.

It’s as simple as that! We know there are pros and cons associated with selling a home, so we’ve designed this process to ensure the journey is as simple and fast as possible.

What Sets KC Home Buyer Group Apart From Other “House for Cash” Buyers in Kansas City?

We take pride in our work and value honesty, integrity, and fairness. When you work with KC Home Buyer Group, you don’t have to worry about selling to an investor with the contingency that they can sell your home to a developer. There are no third parties involved in our process. 

We’re a company that cares and we want to help struggling homeowners by renovating and repairing their homes when they can’t. We won’t just tear down your home to build a new one. At KC Home Buyer Group, we don’t take advantage of you and we don’t give lowball offers. We guarantee fair market value on your home as it stands. 

Advantages to Selling Your Property to KC Home Buyer Group

At KC Home Buyer Group, we buy homes for cash quickly. We know that there are many resources to choose from when selling your home. So, why choose KC Home Buyer Group? Here are the advantages to working with us: 

  • We take care of repairs – As experienced home investors, we take care of the repairs your house may need following your highest cash sale. 
  • We remove your unwanted items – We relieve the stress of paying moving fees for your unwanted possessions. Leave those items behind, and our team will dispose of them ourselves.
  • We eliminate fees – Say goodbye to closing costs, realtor fees, repair costs, and appraisal fees. 
  • You choose your closing date – Closing dates can vary with traditional home sales and take at least a month. When working with us, you choose when it’s most convenient to close, whether you need to close within the week or need time to find a new home.
  • You don’t have to worry about staging your home or showings – When you sell your home using a realtor, you should be prepared for scheduled inspections, strangers touring your home, etc. When you sell to us, we buy your house as-is for cash quickly and it removes all of that.

It may seem too good to be true, but at KC Home Buyer Group, we pride ourselves on making the sale of your home as easy and painless as possible. Don’t just take it from us! Here are a few Google reviews from homeowners who personally worked with us:

“Great company to deal with to get out of a stressful housing situation. All staff is friendly, prompt, and professional :)” 

5 Stars 

Leah Allmer

“Amazing! Ashli gave us a chance when a lot of other companies wouldn’t because of my dogs and credit.  She was friendly and went out of her way to accommodate me.  Great company.” 

5 Stars


Our Mission at KC Home Buyer Group

Our team here at KC Home Buyer Group values honesty, integrity, and fairness. We maintain these values in everything that we do. We take pride in doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Honesty is crucial and worth more to us than making extra money. We want to make sure you trust who you are selling your home.

You can always count on us to offer a fair price based on what your home is worth. Our purpose at KC Home Buyer Group is to help homeowners in difficult situations get back on their feet and back to normal life.

Whether you’re on the brink of foreclosure, behind on your mortgage payments, or just ready to start fresh, we’re here to help. We’ve created a process to sell your home hassle-free and make your life easier.

Sell your home fast, sell your home for cash, and sell your home with KC Home Buyer Group. Call at 816-892-2132 or contact us at for more information.


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