Can I Sell My House in Poor Condition? KC Home Buyer Group Can!

February 21, 2023
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In some situations, people need to sell their homes but need more time or money to transform them into homes ideal for buyers and real estate agents. We will discuss why people may need someone to buy a home fast in a less-than-ideal condition and how KC Home Buyer Group can help!

Why Do People Need To Sell Their Home In Poor Condition?

Firstly, let’s cover why you may need to sell your home as-is quickly, even if it’s in poor condition. 

Financial issues

Owning and selling a house is a huge financial responsibility and risk. When life gets in the way, Some people struggle to afford to fix the home, whether they are minor or major issues. 


Some people are forced to face a challenging position where they have to sell their homes quickly, which can be caused by foreclosure, having to relocate as soon as possible, or needing more income. 


Medical, family, or lifestyle changes could cause the need to sell a home fast. Sometimes, home maintenance is the last priority on the list. 

What Can You Do To Make The Home Look A Little More Presentable?

Do you want to sell your home but feel like your home could be more appealing and attractive, or do you need help knowing where to start? Here are some easy, cost-effective ways to spruce up your interior according to apartment therapy.

Cut the clutter

Simply moving unnecessary items out of the house increases space and attraction. More is not always a good thing! Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook clutter as we’ve gotten used to it. If you find something out of place or taking up space, remove it. Less clutter makes your home look cleaner and more attractive. 

Take something away

This bounces off of cutting clutter except in the fact if you see oversized items or pieces of furniture that take up too much space, get rid of it, move it to another room, or rotate it with something else to give the home a more spacious, homey feel.

Let your furniture breathe

Take furniture pieces and move them farther away from each other or the wall. This can make a big difference as it gives a roomier, lighter feel for you and the house itself. 

Add flowers 

Bringing fresh flowers into the home adds that natural, lively touch to the house that most people do not think about. You could find cheaper fake flowers that look nice and have a modern feel to them. 

Although it is not always necessary to make a home that is in poorer condition a little more presentable since it can be bought for cash anyway, it would not be a bad idea to consider it to potentially increase the value of the home and walk away with a little more cash in your pocket. 

How To Sell A House In Poor Condition?

According to Upnest, if you decide to sell your house as is, you are clarifying that the buyer will need to take on the significant repairs themselves. However, you are still legally obligated to disclose any problems with the house. Those are things to keep in mind before selling a home as-is. 

If you want to guarantee facing no problems with selling your home as is, KC Home Buyer Group are your solution!

You may be asking yourself, “How can KC Home Buyer Group help?”

Here are the easy steps listed on our website on how the process works:

  1. Fill out our form or call us about your property at 816-892-2132. 
  2. We will contact you to set up an appointment if it meets our buying criteria.
  3. We will present you with a fair-priced, written, no-obligation offer.
  4. We will close at a local title company, and you will receive the cash in as few as seven days!

So to answer the question, “can I sell my house in poor condition,” you absolutely can, and with the tips and KC Home Buyer Group by your side, you can make it happen. We hope you have learned more about surviving the house-selling process and wish you luck! 


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