Case Study: 11th Street in St. Joseph, Missouri

April 13, 2022
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At House Guys USA, we have built our business around integrity, honesty, and fairness. Our main goal is to offer win-win solutions for anyone we work with. We meet our clients in some of the most stressful life situations individuals can go through such as foreclosure, death in the family, job loss, divorce, etc. The last thing anyone needs during difficult times is someone trying to cut corners or build-in extra contingencies. When it comes to selling your home quickly, you need a transparent solution that works for you. At House Guys USA, we aim to give you the best solution for selling your unwanted property. When it comes to buying and selling houses, House Guys USA is determined to make the process simple, easy, and fast, providing better opportunities for all of those involved. For the family living on 11th Street in St. Joe, Missouri, this was no different.

Multiple Problems Cause a Homeowner to Seek a Fast Solution 

Each homeowner has their own personal reasons for wanting to sell their property and this homeowner was no different. With the recent death of Crystal’s father and the owner’s husband, they found themselves with a variety of issues:  

  • Unable to Maintain the Property – Without the husband and father around, they found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the property and complete the regularly needed maintenance. 
  • Growing List of Required Repairs – Without the proper time or resources to maintain the home, the list of needed repairs continued to grow, and as it grew, it became too much. With over $40,000 in needed repairs, the family found themselves unable to invest back into the property.
  • Accumulation of Belongings – Over the many years of living in that house, the family had accumulated a lot of additional belongings from multiple generations of family members. A lot of these possessions were items they no longer wanted to keep. This added additional stress, trying to figure out how to dispose of everything.
  • Unreasonable Offers – Wholesalers pretending to be property investors tried to use the situation to their advantage. They provided lowball offers with contingencies on finding a true investor. These offers would lock the family into a contract with no real solution in sight.

Due to these issues, the family continued looking for a home selling solution that worked for them. After a simple Google search for “sell my home fast”, Crystal landed on our website. She quickly saw that we were a potential solution to her family’s problems, but she was wary, and rightfully so. She had been looking for a quick home sales process for a while and had received quite a few unreasonable offers, none of which seemed to have a solution that would work for her family. It was a disheartening situation to be in and was starting to feel hopeless. With the recent death of her father and a growing list of expensive home repairs, they needed to sell the home quickly. Unfortunately, no offer had fulfilled their requests. 

A Cash Offer That Fixed All the Homeowner’s Problems

After speaking on the phone with Crystal, our team at House Guys USA went to view the property. During our visit, we did a walk-through of the entire property and documented the repairs needed on the home. This viewing process is what allows us to give each and every one of our clients the most accurate estimate possible. This was extremely important for the property owner because she had talked to so many individuals who made offers without really knowing the true situation. 

After the inspection, we were immediately able to offer them a cash offer, a quick closing date, and no obligations or contingencies. This simple cash offer, along with our expertise in the business, empowered the homeowner to commit to the agreed-upon price. We quickly drafted the sales agreement for their final review on the same day as the inspection, giving them the opportunity to make the final decision in their own time. 

From the day the sales agreement was signed, we took care of everything for the homeowners: 

  • We coordinated a closing date that gave the homeowners time to remove any belongings they wanted to keep. 
  • Our team removed all the remaining unwanted items from the home. 
  • We took ownership of the property within 2 weeks of the initial viewing and offer. 
  • We immediately started the rehab process to prepare the home for the next homeowners.

House Guys USA was able to put cash in their hands and rid them of their unwanted property in as-little-as 2 weeks. We provided the homeowner with a quick solution to their home selling needs, without reliance on a secondary party.

More Information on the Property

Before Photos:

Property Details: 4 Bedroom | 2 Bath | 2000 Square Feet

Documents Used: Sales Agreement

  • Signed on Jan 13th, 2022
  • Closed on Jan 28th, 2022

Rehab: Heavy Clean-out | Full Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations | Electric & Plumping Work | Refinish Floors | Interior Paint 

Progress Photos:

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When you need a quick and easy home selling solution, you need our experts at House Guys USA. We have dozens of success stories just like Crystal’s that prove we are dedicated to our clients right here in Kansas City. When you need to sell your house fast and want a solution that is easy to understand and flexible to your personal situation, you need House Guys USA. Get cash for your property today and contact your local housing experts at House Guys USA or get a free quote online. 


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