Case Study: East 15th St in Kansas City

November 24, 2021
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At KC Home Buyer Group, it is our belief that no matter the effort, every home deserves a chance to be saved. Each property that comes to us has its own story, and it’s our job as a solutions company to write the next chapter. The chapter in which the home rises better than before and is ready to serve as someone’s new home, whether temporary or forever. That’s our passion and we’ll never stop working for a housing situation that works for everyone. This passion shines through in the story of East 15th St in Kansas City, a property with its own story that needs to not only be heard but seen to be believed.

Unwelcome Guests Cause a Property Owner Major Headaches

When the landlord who owned the East 15th Street property called us, we knew we were in for a challenge. The property had been ravaged by a particularly aggressive squatter when it was supposed to be uninhabited. The squatter had filled the house with garbage and debris, done severe damage to the interior of the property, and had even started small fires in the home. In addition to the damage caused by the squatter, who had to be forcibly removed from the property, the time the East 15th St property had spent uncared for had led to a lapse in upkeep and structural damage in the roof.

The owner of the property was unable to handle the repair process on his own due to the hefty expenses to repair and restore the property as well as his age and distance from the home. The damage and debris were too severe to list the home on the market, so the seller was forced to find another way to offload the property. He had the option to sell to a home wholesaler but was uncomfortable working with a middle man who was only looking to sell the house themselves. That’s when they started looking for cash home buyers in Kansas City, and that’s where KC Home Buyer Group came in. 

A Cash Offer They Could Feel Good About

Upon only receiving the wholesale offer and not feeling good about heading in that direction, the property owner called us to get another opinion. We began our evaluation process and found that we could rehab the property after purchase and sell it as affordable housing in the neighborhood. KC Home Buyer Group approached the seller with what is known as an honest cash offer, meaning we paid cash the same day for the home, with no contingencies and no inspection. The landlord was immediately liberated from the headache of dealing with the property and had an earnest cash deposit to place on a new property if he chose, or at the very least a fair offer for the house in the condition, it was in. 

No More Stressing About the Property!

Despite our offer being lower than the initial wholesale offer, the property owner chose to sell to KC Home Buyer Group based on our reputation for property rehabilitation and the creation of affordable housing. Our purchase method put cash directly in the hands of the former owner that allowed him to leave with the peace of mind knowing he did not have to deal with the repairs and resale of the property. The property had finally changed hands and he could get the new start he was looking for. 

More Information

Property Details: 2 Bedrooms | 1 Bath | 1244 Square Feet | Yard & Double Lot

Documents Used: Sales Agreement

Home Rehab

The work that East 15th Street needed would deter some other property companies, but KC Home Buyer Group was up for the challenge. Using our own resources and services we trusted, we were able to restore the home to beyond a liveable state, to a property someone would want to call home. In addition to repairing the squatter damage, we performed work including 

  • Roof repairs 
  • New interior paint 
  • Kitchen remodel and repairs 
  • New heating and cooling 
  • New flooring 
  • New bathroom 
  • Landscaping repair and upkeep 

These repairs gave the property the new beginning it needed to be sold, and thanks to the hard work of KC Home Buyer Group this home and its new owners can write the next chapter in its story. 

Sell Your Unwanted Property for Cash with KC Home Buyer Group!

This is just one of the success stories that we can point to as an example of the quality service and financial liberty KC Home Buyer Group can provide. So why spend another moment attached to a toxic property and struggling to keep your head above water, financially? Our staff is standing by to help you get out of your situation, and turn your unsalvageable property into a brand new home. Need to sell your house fast


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