Case Study: Saving a Kansas City Neighborhood

July 28, 2021
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Each home contributes to the overall value of its neighborhood and individual home or a group of 2 or 3 homes can easily have a negative impact on the entire neighborhood. A vacant and unkept house can lead to increases in crime in the neighborhood, like theft and vandalism. With poor management, high turnover, and multiple vacancies this was sadly the case for one out-of-state investor. 

Luckily House Guys USA was able to relieve the neighborhood and the investor of these stressors with a win-win deal for everyone. Buying up 14 properties within the metros of Kansas City from the investor and repairing each house providing affordable housing for families throughout the area.

Nothing Left to Invest – 14 Properties in Disrepair

When the investor originally bought these properties each was a fixture to these neighborhoods, providing housing around the Kansas City metroplex. They were marketed as rental properties for families and under good management the properties thrived and were profitable for the out-of-state investor. However, proper management was not sustained and poor management began to impact the length of rentals and potential renters. Soon thereafter, the properties fell vacant and financial difficulties began to plague the investor.

white run down home with an unkept yard.

While these properties lay vacant, theft and vandalism started to occur leaving further damages to the homes and a mess for the neighborhood. These empty properties became vulnerable to crime and increased the neighborhood’s vulnerability. What the investor was left with was 14 properties that all needed various levels of work from moderate repair projects to larger remodeling and replacing projects. Even if the updates needed for each home could be made there was still the concern of hiring proper management to facilitate the renting and upkeep of each home. For any investor, this would spell disaster; even the most tactful, resourceful, and timely. So with limited options, the property owner looked to sell the properties in order to recoup the lost investment. This in itself was a huge undertaking as most buyers would want the houses repaired before buying and even if there were interested buyers, the volume of homes that they needed to sell would most likely mean a time-consuming process of selling each home 1-by-1 to the right buyers. Still in a great housing market, that would be difficult. They needed to sell all 14 locations as-is, quickly in order to offset the financial liabilities and avoid costly repairs, they needed an option that fit all their needs.

House Guys USA Offered an All-In-One Solution to the Investors Problem

House Guys USA was able to step in and offer an all-in-one solution to their problem! House Guys USA was able to make an offer on all 14 properties. We were able to come in and work with the investor to quickly to –

navy home with a well kept yard and new walkway
  1. Assess the Properties
    Our process always begins with inspecting the homes and providing valuations for each property so clients know what they’re getting for the properties. 
  2. Make an Offer
    With normal single home clients, House Guys USA will make a cash sale offer and close quickly. However, with any house, we work with the property owner to determine the best deal that works for all parties.
    For this property investor and all of their properties, it was determined the best solution instead of paying cash for the properties would be a seller-financed sale. House Guys USA would pay the investor a monthly payment on the houses and we took over repairs and tenant concerns.
  3. Close the Sale
    This turned out to be the best offer for the investor and the agreement was made. This improved the property’s state for current and future tenants and eased community concerns, while also providing financial support for the investor by providing monthly payments for the properties at a rate that was higher than what he earned while actively renting the properties. 

When the repairs were finished, we were able to use the newly acquired properties to provide affordable housing to local families and improve the quality of life for the people in the community by attracting more desirable renters. A win for everyone! 

House Guys USA Can Help You Too! 

This case is just one example of how House Guys USA has helped hundreds of homeowners out of financial trouble with our friendly and fast purchasing services. You don’t need to own fourteen properties to get the attentive service and quality experience from House Guys USA. We are here to help any homeowner looking to rid themselves of their property. House Guys USA prides ourselves on purchasing and closing on homes on a schedule that works for our clients and a price that offsets financial debts owners may be facing. What makes House Guys USA different? 

  • Obligation-free offers and appraisals as soon as we see the property 
  • Cash-in-hand sales at a fair price for every owner
  • Closing at local title companies in as little as seven days
  • No closing costs, no appraisal fees, and repairs made at no cost to you! 

So why wait to get out of financial trouble and spend another day holding on to a toxic property? Call House Guys USA today and let us help you!


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