Cash for Homes Business Relieves Kansas City House From Owner

July 14, 2021
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Do You Have a Property on the Market in Kansas City?

Selling your home is never an easy task, especially when it may not be in perfect buying condition. Imagine if someone could both take the house off your hands and put cash in them instead. This is where House Guys USA comes in. If you live in the downtown Kansas City area, House Guys USA will pay you cash for your home. House Guys USA has no broker fees and no real estate commissions, putting more cash in your pocket. This is a free no-obligation offer, that gives you the opportunity to sell your house as-is for cash. We cut out the middleman and make selling your house as easy as it should be. We want the opportunity to help you get out from the clasps of your financial burden. Cash-for-homes is a business that requires fast buying, fast fixing, and fast selling. We pride ourselves in being able to provide all three of those in a fair, honest, and trustworthy manner. 

A Fair, Honest Transaction for a Homeowner in Need

One of our recent projects, on Jackson Ave. Kansas City, MO, is a perfect example of what we can do here at House Guys USA. This opportunity belonged to a woman who inherited the house and was looking for a quick way to get the financial burden off of her shoulders. We submitted a cash offer with no inspections and a very fast closing. Ourselves, as well as the customer, were satisfied with the process. We got the house and she got the cash in her hands within two weeks. We can put cash in a seller’s hand in as little as seven days. 

The property is 2 bedrooms 1 bath, 907 SF, and needed to be rehabbed by House Guys USA. We buy homes to sell homes. The business of flipping homes is fast and for good reason. We want to take homes from those who are seeking quick cash for their property and turn them into refurbished homes that need new ownership. We make it fast and easy because that’s more money for the seller and a new home for someone else. The cash you buy it with is the cash we use to buy and fix another home for someone else. Help us help you and others.

Who is House Guys USA?

House Guys USA is a cash-for-homes company that invests, renovates, and sells homes. We are not looking to make a commission. We are looking to invest in the homes of Kansas City. We are making selling a house as simple as it should be. No extra fees. We want to flip your home while being able to put cash in your hand as quickly as possible. Two birds, one stone. Simple as that.

House Guys USA will pay you in cash for your home. In times like these, more money in your hand is such a luxury. Rather than going through the strenuous process of buying or selling a home and using a magnifying glass to find all the fine print, House Guys USA makes it easy. We’re giving you cash from our hands to yours for your house. Whether you inherited the house, are close to foreclosure, or simply need it off your back; House Guys USA will work with you to find the best possible option for your situation. 

At House Guys USA, we make the process simple. Tell us a little about your property, and we will reach out to schedule a time to view your home. We then make a fair and just offer. This offer is the money that goes into your pocket. Having House Guys USA conduct their own offer makes the process much faster and that means the money is in your possession a lot faster than with a common real estate transaction. 

You do not have to do any renovations to your house. House Guys USA will come and make you an offer based on the condition of your home as well as any financial discrepancies you may have. Our goal is to get the house off of your hands and we will work with you to do this as fast as possible. Anything that may be unflattering about your house is our sweet spot. Fixing up homes is our bread and butter. We want the opportunity to give you money then renovate a house. 

Know Your Home-Selling Options: The Choice is Yours

Owning a home doesn’t always go as planned. We understand that and that’s why we’re here. Rather than driving your credit through the floor, House Guys USA is here to offer you true and realistic options for your specific situation. While we aren’t a bank, we are investors and we can help pull you up out of a financial hole or find a home that’s just right for you. 

Cash-for-home companies are a big step. It’s best if you take your time to gather your thoughts on what is best for you. If a Cash-for-home company asks for upfront fees or pressures you into selling or buying, remember that the choice is yours. Be wary of companies that have these characteristics. At House Guys USA, we want what is best for you. We can’t succeed if we aren’t able to help everyone fairly. 

Why House Guys USA?

House Guys USA is looking for homes in the downtown Kansas City area to buy, fix up, and rent or sell through our rent-to-own program. Our work is fair, fast, and feasible. House Guys USA is looking to benefit both the home sellers and buyers. 

We’re here to help those whose homes are near foreclosure. We take the burden off of the owner’s hands, resurrect life into the property, and help people find new homes. At House Guys USA we want the opportunity to let you know that someone is willing to make the home buying and selling process fast and easy. House Guys USA isn’t a typical house for cash business. We want to leave you in a much better position financially and mentally when all is said and done. We’re not just in it for the home, we’re in it to help. 


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