Cash is King: How to Get the Most for Your Home

June 23, 2021
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When selling a home, the different methods of payments and the different valuations and offers you can get for your home can confuse even the sharpest homeowners. Real estate contracts are often drawn up in terms more familiar to lawyers and real estate agents. Valuations are created by people far more well versed in the financial sectors than the average homeowner could ever hope to be. As you continue through the process and start to receive offers with contingencies for this, that, and the other, you begin to wonder – am I losing money on this sale? Will this even cover my mortgage payment? All the different prices, costs, and contingencies can start to make you dizzy as you begin scratching out numbers to try and determine if it is “worth it”. 

When presented with overwhelming legal paperwork, harsh financial practices like fees and closing costs – some homeowners decide to keep things straightforward and ask for cash-only offers

What are Cash-Only Offers & How are They Done?


These are mostly done in sale-by-owner scenarios and can be beneficial to get homeowners an offer that’s fair for them. The homeowner acts as both the homeowner and real estate agent, all in one – coordinating showings, paperwork, legal work, and scheduling. 

However, these types of transactions can require a ton of legwork at the homeowner’s expense in order to get the sale finalized. The homeowner must make sure all the legal and financial paperwork is filled out and filed correctly to finish the sale. It can be a trying process no matter what route you take, and the pitfalls of pursuing a cash sale on your own can be treacherous, to say the least. Most people choose to hire a real estate agent for this reason – acting as a liaison between all the legal and financial paperwork and potential buyers. 

If you are interested in selling your house for cash in a “sale-by-owner” transaction, know that there are both good and bad that come with it.

Benefits: The benefits of a sale-by-owner mostly come down to independence – being independent in the process and the money you save on commission and closing fees. Owners who sell their properties on their own –

  • Save as much as 3% commission by not hiring a real estate agent 
  • Set their own listing price 
  •  Have control over what concessions they make to potential buyers
  • Set your own schedule for showings and open houses, making sure that strangers are only wandering through your house when you want them there. 

Pitfalls: However, the process doesn’t come without its own downsides to navigate for potential sellers. The obvious and encompassing one is that without a real estate agent, all the responsibility and labor of selling your home falls on you. You are responsible for – 

  • Setting up showings and giving house tours 
  • Marketing your home to potential buyers, which takes more than putting a for-sale sign in your front yard and waiting for offers to come rolling in (think about online listings, ads, etc). 

But what scares most owners away from a sale-by-owner scenario is their own liability in the process. Whether it’s – 

  • filing the wrong paperwork
  • misunderstanding a step in the process
  • making a sale to an unqualified buyer

Homeowners leave themselves open to various pitfalls that can end up costing them a ton of time, money, and legal paperwork to resolve. The best step is to hire a real estate lawyer, but those can cost as much as a real estate agent and lead to the same problems in losing money for the sake of convenience. 

House for Cash Companies

Taking on the risk of selling your house as the owner is not your only option. There is another way to sell your home for cash, without having to deal with a real estate agent and their excessive commission prices and the high-end closing costs necessary to sell a house. 

You can reach out to a sell your house for cash company, like us – House Guys USA! At House Guys USA we buy homes for cash in as little as 7 days without closing costs and inspection fees. When you are looking to sell your house quickly, get out from under a mortgage, or sell a recently inherited property, a house for cash company is a great option. At House Guys USA we work with you to evaluate your property and get you a fair cash offer. Our process can be up to 10x faster than selling your home in a traditional market.

Sell Your Home for Cash to House Guys USA 

We’re proud to be the leading provider of cash for home sales in the Kansas City area. We specialize in helping homeowners in financial trouble. We have no long-term selling process, so you can get a fair price for their home quickly! No matter what your situation is, if you have a house and you need cash, House Guys USA is up for the job. 

Our process is set up to get you cash in hand for your home quickly and at a fair price. It starts when you fill out an inquiry form with more information. From there we reach out to you to schedule a time to look at the property. If your home meets our buying criteria, we’ll set up an appraisal visit with one of our team members at a time that works for you. From there, we’ll present you with a no-obligation offer to purchase your home for cash. If you choose to go forward with our offer, we can close with a local title company and get you your money in as little as seven days. No closing costs, no expensive repairs, no seller concessions to make the sale. 

With House Guys USA, what we tell you is what you’re getting, no smoke and mirrors included. So why wait another day? Sell your home with the convenience and cash of a sale-by-owner scenario, with the support of a real estate agent. Sell with House Guys USA!


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