Freeing A Property Owner of Their House Headache & Removing a Squatter

May 25, 2022
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Selling a house is hard enough. Selling a problematic house with an endless list of needed repairs, ranging from clean-up to roof repair, is a whole different story in a different book. For those stuck in these extreme cases, it can feel hopeless trying to find a way out of the nightmare. When you add in a squatter, actively destroying your property, it can feel like the world is really out to get you. 

It can feel like the sharks are circling with wholesalers looking to eat up your property and take it for a lowball offer, only to turn around and sell it for a profit, leaving you feeling totally taken advantage of. When you need a safety line, when you need a solution you can feel good about, you need House Guys USA. For the property owner on East 15th Street in Kansas City, that is exactly what he needed.

East 15th St. – Selling a Dilapidated Property

Real  Estate is a great investment, and when everyone does their part to contribute, it can be an amazing opportunity for both the homeowner and the renter. However, that is not the story here. 

The landlord of East 15th Street in Kansas City was facing the massive effects of aggressive squatters. These squatters ravaged the home, inside and out; filling it with garbage, motorcycle parts (making up 4 motorcycles!), and other random junk. They proceeded to destroy the inside of the home with no regard for the actual homeowner by breaking windows, damaging the hardwood floors, and setting small fires within the home (just to name a few). The lack of upkeep eventually led to structural damages as well. All of this damage, and the continued collection of garbage, led to additional troubles as the city issued the property violation after violation. The property owner felt helpless. His age, and distance from his home to the investment property, left him with few options to make the repairs himself. The damage was far too advanced to sell in the traditional real estate market, and he was forced to look at alternatives. 

That’s when things got even more desperate. He needed the property off his hands but was feeling victimized all over again by each wholesaler’s offer. He wanted to control who he sold his property to. He didn’t want to just sell it to get rid of it, only for the investor to turn around and sell it to the next person for a higher price. This property owner wanted a solution that worked for everyone, for him, for the city, for the community, and for the next homeowner. That’s when he reached out to House Guys USA. 

We met up with the property owner to discuss the home and his needs. As part of our fair cash offer, we would also take on the squatting problem and home violations, allowing the homeowner to walk away with cash in his pocket and everything else off his hands. The House Guys USA’s offer was a weight lifted off his shoulders. It would give him, the community, and a new family a fresh start; no more squatters, no more city violations, and a low-income housing opportunity for a new family. Even despite our offer being lower than the initial wholesalers offer, he decided to sell to House Guys USA. It was a choice that he could feel good about. 

Kansas City Home Improvement At It’s Best

After acquiring the home, it was time for our team to get to work on repairs. After removing the squatters and their accumulated “treasures”, we were able to get to work on repairs:  

  • Roof Repair and Replacement
  • Kitchen Remodel
  • New Heating and A/C System
  • New Hardwood Flooring
  • Updated Bathrooms
  • Fresh Coat of Paint
  • Landscaping

All of these repairs came together to create a beautiful living space for a new family. 

Who is House Guys USA? A House for Cash Company with Heart 

House Guys USA is a “sell your house for cash” company offering those in Kansas City a fast solution to their home selling needs. When you have unwanted home repairs, a crippling mortgage, or an inherited property that is causing headaches, lost sleep, and general unhappiness, you need a home buying solution that works for you. We are here to help rid you of your biggest headache and greatest concern. That is why House Guys USA exists. We provide homeowners, in less than desirable situations, a fast cash offer on their home so they can move on to bigger and better things, faster.

How Do I Sell My House For Cash?

House Guys USA will buy your house for cash in 4 easy steps – 

  1. Fill Out Our Online Form or Give Us A Call – Tell us about your house and what your concerns are. We are happy to talk through things with you, and get a better understanding of what you need to get out from under your unwanted property. 
  2. Setup an Appointment – From there, we will work with you to set up a time to view the home. 
  3. Present a Fair Cash Offer – After our appointment, our team will put together a fair cash offer for your property. This is a no-obligation offer to you. Take your time to review it and think about if it is the right offer for you.
  4. Close on the Home – Once you accept, we work with you on a closing day. We can close in as little as 7 days. On closing day, walk away from your home with cash in your pocket – no closing costs, hidden fees, or clean-up necessary.

It’s simple! You are looking to sell your house fast for cash, and we are looking to take it off your hands. We provide real-life solutions to those in need, and we want to help you just like we helped the homeowner of East 15th Street in Kansas City. 

Call House Guys USA today at 816-892-2132 or email us at


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