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Sell Your House For Cash
in Kansas City

Sell Your House For Cash
in Kansas City

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Kansas City.
Cut out the middle man and secure the most money possible for your home.

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No Broker Fees.
No Real Estate Commissions.
Put More Cash In Your Pocket.
FREE, No Obligation Offer
Sell AS-IS - No need for repairs.
Cut Out The Middle Man

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Sell Your House Fast in Kansas City

We'll buy your house in any condition - CASH

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Timeframe: Once we get your info, we’re usually able to make you a fair all-cash offer within 24 hours. From there, we can close as quickly as 7 days… or on your schedule (sometimes we can have a check in your hand the very same day!).

What is My House Worth?

What Our Customers Say

“We were selling a home in Kansas City and needed a ton of work done to the plumbing. Little did we know, the plumbing fixes would require painting, drywall fixes, and door repairs. We called Maintenance KC and they literally fixed it all in one go-around. We didn't have to call 3 different contractors. So easy and super affordable. 5 Stars!!!"

- Joanne Jenkins, Kansas City, MO

“Our roof was leaking into the attic. We could not for the life of us figure out what was going on. We called Maintenance KC because we figured we had more than just a roofing leak. Sure enough, that one leak, which they fixed, lead to a bunch of repairs in the attic. These guys fixed everything and got us back up to 100%"

- Phil Doss, Kansas City, MO

“We had a couple of annoying light switches that wouldn't control what we wanted. One light switch would turn off, and the other would just stop working entirely. Super weird. We called for a quote on what it would take to fix our electrical problem and got a super fair offer. Had them come over and they had it fixed within an hour. Awesome!"

- Linda Dorian, Kansas City, MO
We Buy Homes for Cash Every Day

You had hoped that the last time you and your family moved would prove the last, but life remains unpredictable. When you find yourself without much time or money, we buy homes for cash regardless of their age or condition.

Why go through the frustration and cost of trying to improve your property when you’re already behind on mortgage payments? When you sell a home without a real estate agent, you get faster results without paying commissions. Other perks include:

  • Retain More Profits
  • Faster Selling Times
  • Reduced Risk
  • No Repair Contingencies
  • No Listing Fees
  • Avoid Real Estate Commissions
  • Fewer Sales Expenses
  • No Home Inspections Needed
  • No Mortgage Companies
  • Skip Listing Appointments
  • Experienced Home Investors
  • And more reasons to sell your home today.

House Guys USA continues to offer the best deals possible without loans, brokerages, or addressing your growing repair list. When you need trustworthy cash home buyers that you can depend on, we remain available to purchase your property daily.

We buy houses that need some minor improvements or complete renovations, aging properties, and other buildings, all at fair cash values. When you need fast home buyers prepared to make a deal today, you need our experienced property investors for results.

Why Should I Sell My House?

Selling the home you live in should never feel like an impulsive decision, and we never want to pressure you. That is why we offer higher cash amounts over other investment firms to ensure you receive a quality sales amount.

We understand that your home is more than walls and carpet, but somewhere you experience most of what life offers. However, over time, your living needs change, and your household size decreases, leaving you with more space than you use.

It also doesn’t help when your property taxes rise, components break down, and you find invasive pests taking over the home. When you need to walk away, regardless of your situation, we assist property owners every day who are currently experiencing:

  • Severe Damages
  • Interior Remediation Needs
  • Damaged Roofs
  • Upside Mortgage Payments
  • Divorce/Widower
  • Too Much Living Space
  • Cramped Houses
  • Expensive Renovation Needs
  • Too Much Maintenance
  • Vacant/No Tenants
  • Unwanted Inherited Estates
  • Too Much Expense
  • And more reasons to part ways.

Our team offers a fast and simplified way to leave a home that no longer suits your daily living needs. Before you spend more hiring a local real estate professional, we’re ready to hand you a fair cash offer now.

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No Broker Fees.
No Real Estate Commissions.
Put More Cash In Your Pocket.
FREE, No Obligation Offer
Sell AS-IS - No need for repairs.
Cut Out The Middle Man

Fill out our easy-to-use form and get an instant cash offer.


Homes We Buy with Cash

The typical person doesn’t realize how many different styles of residential home exists, or what each one is worth today. Unfortunately, there are many variables that could negatively impact your asking price, especially by hiring a local real estate agent.

Home inspection checklists, lingering repair items, water damage, and more, can all drag down your listing for months before selling. Or, you could call our experienced real estate investors and discover how much cash you can receive for your place.

No matter the style of your property or its condition, we guarantee fair offers without the hassle of hiring realtors. Contact our investors if you are interested in selling your house in as-is condition, and receive the most for your:

  • Single-Family Home
  • Multi-Family Homes
  • Condominium Units
  • Townhouses
  • Converted Homes
  • Suburban McMansions
  • Duplex Units
  • Smaller Bungalows
  • Co-op Homes
  • Outdoor Cabins
  • Vacant Homes
  • Damaged Residential Property
  • And more homes for cash.

Walking away from a place you can no longer maintain or afford has never felt so simple than working with us. Contact our team and discuss your property, and learn what you could receive for it without the cost of repairs.

Sell My House Fast

Most people will still follow the steps of listing their property with a real estate professional hoping for better deals. Unfortunately, once it sits on the market for a month or longer, it becomes immediately less desirable for many potential buyers.

It also doesn’t help that even if you find a willing tenant for your home, you often must address repairs. Even items that have remained ignored for years must be repaired now, or you may lose out on the sale.

When your concerns outweigh your maintenance budget, you can’t always sell a house quickly like you had hoped you would. Instead, you can still count on our local investors to offer your highest cash amounts, even if your property has a variety of needs:

  • Home Needing Repairs
  • Pre-Renovation Home
  • Pre-Divorce Home Sale
  • Storm Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Inherited Estates
  • Low Property Value
  • Upside Mortgage Payments
  • Vacant Homes
  • Unused Living Space
  • Smaller Homes
  • Condos & Townhouses
  • And more types of properties.

If it seems as though you can’t walk away from a home that is dragging you down, we offer solutions. Sell a house without a realtor today and avoid paying more in fees, repairs, and commissions with our property buyers.

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Types of Homes We Buy in KC:

Homes Needing Repairs

Even your smaller repair items, like a replacement garbage disposal or a new bathroom toilet, could cost thousands to complete. And if you decide to try and save more by doing it alone, you could cause more issues to occur.

No matter what lingering repairs are needed, House Guys USA is still willing to take your home off your hands. As experienced real estate investors, we take on more properties, even when they have damages that must get addressed quickly.

Pre-Renovation Homes

You wanted to improve your master bathroom before listing the house for sale, but your contractors still haven’t started. Unfortunately, even though you want to sell the house fast, you’ll have to wait until the project is finally finished.

Or, if you find yourself with less time than you thought, you can sell a house for cash with us. We don’t care what items haven’t been addressed, or what needs to happen for safe daily living after the transaction.

Pre-Divorce Home Sales

Ending a marriage is never easy, and things become even messier when you must divvy up any real estate properties. In the end, it feels tempting to cut the place straight down the middle, but we offer a better solution.

If you know that you will no longer own your house due to divorce, you can sell it to us. We pay fair cash amounts for any properties you have, no matter the reason for your walking away from it.

Storm Damage

Lightning strikes, flooded interior spaces, broken windows, and damaged roofing systems all take a toll on your property and wallet. Once you receive the final quote for all the repair items, it’s enough to make anyone want to walk away.

Before you outlay more cash than what the home was worth, we are willing to take on your lingering concerns. If you find yourself prepared to “sell my home” today, we want to hand you more cash for it.

Fire Damage

House fires prove one of the most damaging and terrifying emergencies for property owners, but there are other threats than just destruction. Surprisingly, the smoke caused by the blaze often proves more harmful than the issues left behind by the fire itself.

Smoke penetrates fabrics, drywall, flooring materials, and more, and it can cause many health concerns, much like cigarette smoke can. When your home has been damaged by fire, smoke, and water hoses, we offer an affordable solution over total remediation.

Inherited Estates

For some people, inheriting an estate can feel like you won the lottery, while others see it as a prison. When your home is no longer livable, it means getting strapped with tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Even if the estate remains in good working condition, you can’t always take on additional property taxes without advanced warning. If you have an inherited estate you can’t take care of, we will gladly pay you in cash for it.

Low Property Value

You could spend days and tons of money trying to improve your home and raise its overall property value higher. Unfortunately, when you live in a neighborhood known for lower valuations, it quickly becomes an uphill battle in the end.

Luckily, when you need to cash out and find a better place to live, you can count on us. Stop living in lowered value areas in your city today and choose us for your property’s highest cash offers now.

Upside-Down Mortgage Payments

When you initially bought your home, you were comfortable with the recurring monthly expenses you knew that you would have. Since then, however, your electric bill has continued to climb, and property taxes keep going higher, pricing you out.

If you can’t make enough for your monthly mortgage payments and don’t know what to do, call House Guys USA. We will be there to offer your highest cash amounts, helping you escape from expenses you can no longer afford.

Vacant Homes

One would think that a place would be easier to market when no one is living there, but that isn’t usually true. When you try to sell vacant house listings, it can prove one of the more challenging transactions to see through.

Whether there is existing damage, vandalism, missing components, or other issues, you can still choose us for your best offers. Contact us when you can’t warehouse an empty property and longer, and receive more cash each time you hire us.

Unused Living Space

One of the first things that an empty nester will notice is how few rooms they actually use every day. When you no longer have children, pets, or house guests around, you have hundreds of square feet being wasted daily.

If you need to downsize into a smaller property, condo, or townhouse, we are prepared to buy your home today. Contact us to receive a fair offer in cash, and move out of your place the simple way with us.

Smaller Homes

Your place was ideal when you first moved in, but after getting married and having kids, you need out. Bunk beds, crowded walkways, mounds of clutter, and more, are all indications you need more living space for your family.

Before you spend months trying to market your tiny house, we can pay you in cash for it right now. Contact us to learn more about moving out and into something that suits your family better without a realtor.

Condos & Townhouses

While moving into your condo was the right decision at the time, now you need to move into something else. Unfortunately, listing a condominium unit or townhouse for sale could prove even more challenging than marketing a traditional single-family house.

When you need out of your place, and you can’t seem to find a buyer, we remain ready to purchase. Contact us to learn how much you can make in cash today when you sell to our investment team.

Why Sell Your Home to Us?

Homeowners today have many more resources and options than ever before, so why pick us for your cash sale today? Choosing us means saving a ton of money on your end, as well as much faster closing times.

When you hire a real estate agent, they then must schedule inspections, photographers, and strangers who will be walking inside. And each time someone finds something wrong, it must be addressed before going to the next step of the sale.

Instead, we always purchase your home in as-is condition, meaning we don’t care what is wrong with it right now. As experienced house investors, we know how to tackle any repair items quickly following your highest cash sale.

Whether you can’t find the time, money, or energy to tend to every maintenance concern, we avoid them altogether. If you need a simple and faster way to leave your property, choose our team for your highest cash amounts.

We Want to Buy Your Home for Cash Now

Selling your home doesn’t need to seem like a struggle when you sell to our investors. Contact us at House Guys USA to learn what you could for your house today.

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