House Guys USA: Helping Sell Your Home for Cash

October 13, 2021
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The housing market can be a dangerous industry. And it can be especially risky when looking to sell your house. The process of selling your home isn’t easy. In the traditional route, you have to hire a real estate agent and sometimes wait months before getting an offer. This can make the process frustrating and surprisingly complex. What if an emergency happens and you need to sell your home immediately? Maybe you’ve found yourself in distress and need financial support as soon as possible. Well, luckily House Guys can help you in your situation. We buy houses in Kansas City for cash. Getting you the money you need quicker and faster than the regular traditional routes. 

Reasons To Sell Your Home for Cash

Buy My House! Time Is Money

The biggest downfall of using the traditional route is time. For instance, a real estate agent could be waiting for the perfect offer. And, postponing selling your home because they are seeking a larger offer. Sometimes this can be helpful and beneficial to you if you have time, but when a home is in distress this is not always helpful. 

At House Guys USA, we understand how to help you without getting an agent involved which is arguably the largest benefit to working with us. We save you time! We understand that time is money especially when you are experiencing distress. That is why we pride ourselves in helping you sell your home for cash within as little as 7 days. 

You Don’t Want An Agent

It’s just the nature of the industry. The real estate agent could be postponing offers, interested in higher commissions, or just working on their own schedule. This can make it challenging to sell your home on a deadline because the power isn’t really in your hands. 

As direct home buyers, we put you on the top of the to-do list. We prioritize your needs. We put you first because we understand the urgency. We don’t want you to stress about missed opportunities to sell your home

In Distress ?

Selling your house without a real estate agent may be beneficial but it isn’t always the reason to sell your house for cash. Sometimes life can change and take a different pace causing distress in our personal life. With every twist and turn of life, there can be challenges, setbacks, or even just a time for a change. Living in distress can be very challenging on your mental health. Life shouldn’t be hard and neither should selling your home for cash in Kansas City. That’s exactly why House Guys USA is here to help.

Inherited Property?

It’s hard to feel alone at times but it’s even harder to feel alone in your own home. Living in a large house without a family can feel like you’re living in empty space. We see this frequently with empty-nesters who want us to buy their home for cash. Many of whom have reached a pivotal stage in their personal lives. A stage that offers them the freedom to move on. 

The Process

Step 1. The Call

To start off the consultation process we begin with a simple call. We strive to keep this process straightforward and professional so we can focus on your needs as the seller. Helping you develop a solution that is quick and accessible. If our criteria meet your needs as a seller then we can accelerate to the next step in the purchasing process.

Step 2. The Appointment 

This step is one of the most crucial processes. We go over the details about the home and go over the process as home buyers. Throughout the meeting, we strive to keep matters personal but also professional. We’re aware of people’s time sensitivity and current conditions so we will make changes to accommodate this.  

Step 3. The Presentation

The most exciting step in the process is the presentation. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. We present to you our offer as a fair price, written, with no obligation ties. We specifically tailor the offer to not only the demand of the market— but more importantly to your needs as the customer. During this step, you’ll know that House Guys is your best option for selling your home for cash in Kansas City. 

Step 4. The Close

After we’ve presented the offer and managed the details we proceed into the closing process. In this final step, you get your cash. We will close at a local reputable title company and getting you the cash in as little as 7 days.

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