KC Home Buyer Group or a Real Estate Agent?

February 23, 2022
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If you are selling your house, chances are that you considered hiring a real estate agent to help you out with the process. You cross your fingers and hope that the process goes quickly and you find the best buyers within time. 

There’s quite a bit that goes on in the house selling process. First, you have to determine the best market value of your home – and the market value does tend to waver. You prepare the home for sale. You market the home for sale. You negotiate the sale. And then you have to watch over the closing of your sale, which comes with legal affairs, signed contracts, and some caveats if you have mortgage problems. This can feel overwhelming for any homeowner looking to sell.

Understanding all your options when selling your home is the best bet to find the best solution for you. Those struggling with a crippling mortgage, trying to get out from under a poor real estate investment, or those just looking to downsize into a more affordable living space all might look to non-traditional ways of selling their homes. This will allow them to sell quicker and get the immediate cash they need to move on to their next home.

An Example of A Kansas City Homeowner, Looking to Sell their House Fast

The real estate market saw a huge boom in 2020 and 2021, but now things are starting to decline again and property taxes are starting to see an increase. However, Jeff wants to sell his house now.

Jeff’s house needs quite a few repairs, but he isn’t ready to put more money into the property he is looking to sell. He knows that will be just another reason for someone not to buy his home, but he has no other options. He knows he is going to have to put in a lot of time and energy into keeping the house presentable for showings, being ready to leave at the drop of a hat for potential buyers to come to view the home, and for open houses. Jeff is already investing a lot of time and energy into getting interested buyers, but then his real estate agent lets him know that he will likely have to consider some pretty low ball offers on the property or accept contingencies on repairs being made for offers to go through adding just another stressor to the mix.

All of these financial and time stressors start to spill into other aspects of his life, especially with his family. It could and does happen to a lot of homeowners looking to sell a less-than-perfect property. It can feel extremely overwhelming and all-consuming when you are trying to rid yourself of one of your biggest financial stressors. It is only natural that you start to feel that strain in other parts of your life.

Alternative Home Selling Solutions Are Available

You don’t have to be in a situation like Jeff. You don’t have to bear the burden of the financial responsibility needed to sell a home. You have other options. For Jeff, a great option is a “house for cash” buyer, like KC Home Buyer Group.

Below compares KC Home Buyer Group to the traditional real estate agents. Understanding your options when selling your home gives you an opportunity to take back control and make the decision that best fits your needs.

Real Estate Agent vs. KC Home Buyer Group
TIME TO SELL A HOUSE From starting the process of selling your home to the final sale, it takes time. Here is (on average) the time you can expect to sell your home.45 DAYS
Even the best homes can experience longer market times as you work through staging, inspections, contingencies, offers, and rebuttals. At the end of the day after sale a buyer can still pull out of the agreement leaving you at step one again.
From the initial call to final close on your home takes as little as 7 days with KC Home Buyer Group.
When selling your home a contingency can be made by the potential buyer that requires certain repairs to be made on the home in order for sale. This often leaves the homeowner paying for expensive home repairs in order to sell the home.

When selling your home to the general market you might have to promise repairs or reduce the selling price of your home to finalize a sale. Leaving you with more work and less money.
KC Home Buyer Group buys your home AS-IS. That means we buy your home in its current condition, no repairs or replacements needed.

KC Home Buyer Group is the Solution to Your Home Selling Need

Here is how we can help homeowners like Jeff: 

  • Skip the House Showings – Skip the open house, the combing through of guests, constant showings, and any contingencies and low ball offers that may have slowed down the process. 
  • KC Home Buyer Group buys the house as-is – leave your house exactly as you had it, no need for repairs or professional cleaning services. In fact, leave behind anything you don’t want and we will take care of it.
  • Close in as little as 7 days – traditional real estate means your home could be on the market for months. When you need a solution now, that doesn’t work.
  • No Additional Fees – No commission, closing costs, or hidden fees with us. The price we offer is the price you get in cash.
  • Peace of Mind – We give homeowners a fast solution and we buy your home for cash so you walk away with a quick sale and cash in your pocket.

Weigh your options to see if KC Home Buyer Group is a good option for you. Don’t just take our word for it; do your part and research to see if we are truly the best bet for you. When you are ready to sell your home to KC Home Buyer Group, contact us at 816-892-2132 to get your free quote today!


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