How do you Sell a House Without Paying off the Mortgage?

October 17, 2023
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Many homeowners find that the duration of their mortgage loan exceeds when they wish to remain in the home. Especially in the current housing market and economic climate, numerous individuals ponder, “Can you sell a house with a mortgage?” Indeed, there may be compelling reasons to transfer ownership before settling the full mortgage. Let’s check how to sell a house with a mortgage and the ins and outs if you still need to get through with your payments.

Calculating Home Equity

The most pivotal step when contemplating how to sell a house with a pending payment is understanding your equity. You need to know how much your home is worth. You can contact your lender to figure out how much you still owe on your mortgage. Your lender is legally required to provide you with a payoff amount, essentially the total amount needed to satisfy the mortgage debt as of a set date. 

Your home equity will be the value of your home minus the payoff amount. A positive home equity is the key to paying off your home, even with mortgage payments due. It’ll also help you decide the selling price, which you should communicate with your real estate agent. If your home equity is lower than you’d like, you can fix that by paying off more of your mortgage or doing home upgrades that add value to your property. 

Trying to sell your home with a negative home equity, which is colloquially known as being underwater or upside down, would be a lot harder. It means you owe more than the current value of your house, and it changes how you would price it. There might be some issues with your property’s title, which could also cause you to rush your sale, meaning you would have to sell your house for much less than it’s valued. Avoid this predicament at all costs.

Finding a Good Real Estate Agent

How to sell a house without completing your mortgage payments? Find a good agent! 

Navigating the intricacies of selling a house with a mortgage can be overwhelming, making the role of a trustworthy real estate agent paramount. They can demystify the process, offer insights, and perhaps have tips and tricks to sell a house that might be new to you.

An excellent real estate agent will help you understand the local market. On top of understanding your home equity, they will help you set a fair listing price for your property. They could also advise on staging the home for visiting buyers or even adding a few home upgrades to increase the value of your house. 

Your agent will be a good intermediary with every offer coming your way, helping you compare it to one another and the value you know your property to have so that you end up selling for the best price possible. Given the unique challenges, the temptation to expedite the sale might loom large. But making a quick sale while also selling your house for the best value is a hard thing to do. Your real estate agent will make that process easier for you. 

Follow the Normal Steps

Mainly, how to sell a house with a pending payment is similar to a regular sale. The journey entails open houses, varied offers, home refurbishments, thorough cleaning, and more. Expect some additional steps, but the core process remains consistent.

With the guidelines above, the correct approach, and a sprinkle of fortune, selling a house without paying off the mortgage becomes less challenging. A profit awaits at the end. If so, be mindful of potential capital gains taxes. Such transactions are commonplace, so equip yourself to execute them proficiently. 

Considering a Quick Sale?

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