How to Decorate Your Home to Sell?

September 12, 2023
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One strategic way to smooth the process of selling your house is mastering how to decorate your home in a way that appeals to and impresses buyers. This ensures you get the top price for your property. Styling a home to sell is different than just focusing on home decoration for your tastes. Today, let’s explore all the tips and tricks you can use to decorate your house to its full potential. 

Home Repairs

This one might be more obvious to some, but let’s go through it regardless. Do home repairs before you put your house on the market. Whether it’s flaking paint on the walls, a carpet stain on the floor, or a chipped banister, take care of it as soon as possible. While these details may seem small individually, together, they present a picture of a very unkempt home and suggest the presence of more significant problems down the line. If you’ve lived with these issues for a while, they might evade your notice, so it’s important to sweep down your entire living space to spot any home repair that needs finishing. You can even fix many of these problems on your own, saving a lot of money on repairs while still making sure your house gets priced for what it’s truly worth. This preparatory step ensures your house will be priced for what it’s truly worth and makes it easier to focus on how to decorate your home effectively.

Depersonalize Your Home

When considering how to decorate your home to sell, remember that the goal is to make the house appeal to as many customers as possible. This involves decluttering and stripping the house of personal belongings that wouldn’t resonate with the general public. Remove any toys, private pictures, paintings, sculptures, religious items, or awards. Know your target demographic and try to appeal to their tastes, keeping home decoration simple and unobtrusive. The idea is to make customers see the potential of the space and stay focused on your style.

It may also be good to know that in a 2021 U.S. survey, 90% of realtors emphasized the importance of staging the living room when selling a home. This space was not only the most frequently staged but also the most impactful in influencing potential buyers.

If going through all these home decoration ideas, steps, and tips feels daunting, and you’re looking for a quicker, more direct route to selling your home, consider contacting us. Unlike traditional methods that involve various preparations and costs, we at KC Home Buyer Group buy houses as they are, making the process far less complicated for you.

Windows and Lights

Lighting plays a crucial role when figuring out how to decorate your house to sell. More light and brightness in an area can automatically make it appear or feel more expansive. Switch out any heavy curtains you have to lighter linen ones to let more light enter the room, and remove any wall art that could make the room seem darker and more cramped. Let the brightness and walls of the space speak for itself. If possible, optimize what’s already there. If you have windows, make sure to display them. Keep them clean and straightforward to emphasize what’s already there. Another tip to increase the overall value of your house is to modernize the lighting by adding more lamps in the area, switching out old bulbs for new ones, or making the lights chic. A trendy and elegant lighting decision can elevate the space much more than any other decoration with little effort and, occasionally, little cost.

While it can be overwhelming to start selling your home, these are some strategies you can incorporate into your process to make it more appealing to buyers and get the top price for your property. These details may seem small initially, but they elevate the space and can completely revamp a home. Start today and learn how to decorate your home to make it fly off the market as soon as possible!

If you’ve done all the work on home decoration and are ready to move, we are here to help. Choosing to sell with House Guys USA removes all the complexities and uncertainties of selling your home. You get a simplified, straightforward process to get you the most value with the least hassle.


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