Is it a Good Time to Sell a House? Yes – We’ll Tell You Why

February 9, 2021
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With a year unlike any other in recent history, some housing markets feel topsy-turvy. It’s only natural that people wonder and ask, is it a good time to sell a house?

KC Home Buyer Group believes the best time to sell a house is when cash buyers appear. This allows the process to be quick, easy and offers a practical solution for both sides. Continue reading to learn why It’s always a good time to sell a house when we’re involved.

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The Pandemic Impacted Markets

While some communities have seen negative trends in housing, other markets have thrived. Those areas seeing competitive sales do so from inventories being kept scarce. Fewer homes for sale means less competition, putting you in the driver’s seat. It becomes harder for buyers to negotiate when there isn’t much else to purchase. 

As many people continue to work from home, they seek out larger houses that they can use to create their office space. It can be painful to work in a small space not conducive to work and as companies continue to trend toward work from home, potential homeowners are looking for houses that will allow them to do the same. Most homeowners in this market are seeking out the right home that fits their needs with a quick move in process..

While some businesses thrive in this new environment, others fail to adjust. This leaves former employees to seek out stable employment elsewhere. For some, this can mean a quick move to another city or state, leaving behind their current home in order to provide for their family. For others, this means cutting costs and moving back in with family. These dire conditions can leave people in either situation looking for a fast solution to cut their costs.

Some States Feel Restrictive

While everyone needs to do their part to stop the spread of COVID-19, not all states and their policies have been effective. New York City saw over 3.5 million people moving out before the year was over. 

Other areas continue to see rising COVID-19 cases, making residents feel unsafe there. These homeowners may want to head to states that others think are too restrictive. No matter your motivation to sell your home fast is a great time. Get the most for your home and move into something better for you and your family in another city.

Mortgage Rates are Low

Mortgage rates are one of  the most vital variables to consider when selling or buying a house. Over the past year, rates have remained low for both fixed and ARMs. These rates won’t stay this low, so adjustable-rate notes will be impacted the most. If you feel trapped or your initial rates were high, it’s a great time to sell.

Adjustable notes and fixed-rate mortgages are about even now, but that won’t last. ARMs are always the first to cost more when rates reconcile. We may not see mortgage rates return to such historic lows again in this generation. Take advantage before they spike and maximize your asking price.

The Best Time to Sell a House

Now is the best time to sell a house at higher asking prices. Contact KC Home Buyer Group today for fair cash purchases.


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