5 Tips to Prepare Your Home to Sell As-Is

November 10, 2021
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If you’re starting to think about selling a home but are overwhelmed at the work it takes to get it ready for the market, the House Guys from Kansas City are here to help! We have taken the time to curate this five-step guide to take the stress out of preparing your home to sell. The good news is, it may not be as difficult as you think to sell your home fast!

In fact, you may be able to sell your house as-is, especially if you work with a cash buyer. Preparing to sell your house for cash can work for anyone, but is often most attractive for people who want to move fast, offload a house that has been lived in for a long time, or get rid of a rental property or inherited property without putting a lot of time or money into the home. Regardless of how you plan to sell your home, follow these 5 easy steps to sell your home fast – 

1. Depersonalize Your Home

The first step in selling your house is making it show-worthy and attractive to prospective buyers. This might be a little painful to hear at first, but do your best to separate your personal feelings and focus on getting the house ready for the next owners. Take a moment to walk in the shoes of the stranger: when someone walks through the house you want them to imagine living in it. Somebody looking to purchase your house doesn’t want to imagine a house already lived in! 

A good start is to remove any personal items that feel sentimental to you. For instance, in the kitchen, you could clear the fridge off of any schedules or pictures and clean it to make it look brand new. Or in terms of the living room, go through and box anything that is a reflection of your hobbies or interest. This could be pictures of friends and family of course, but it could also be other things such as a pair of antlers mounted on the wall or a shelf of books. It’s okay! All these items will be just fine in boxes and will look even better in your next home!

2. Neutralize Colors in Your Home

The key here is to neutralize the colors in your home. Off patterns, color schemes, or large ranges of colors in a home can make the interior feel clunky or off-putting. In fact, Better Home & Gardens weighs in to say that the best interior designers consistently favor neutral colors. Keeping this in mind, colors like beige, eggshell white, or a warm grey can help give your home a feeling of being bright, clean, and light.

Another option for helping to neutralize a home is to cover the furniture with proper liners. Purchasing a liner or sofa cover for the furniture in your home with a neutral color like white or beige can enhance the accents present in a room. The key to takeaway here is to keep your home a consistent color pattern that makes the home feel bright and airy. The brilliance of a sofa liner can turn an old dusty couch into a comfortable decoration that can match any interior in any room. With this in mind, you can completely change the look and feel of a room.  

3. Picking a Time of Year

The best season for selling can vary based on your location. There are pros and cons to every season. However, in regards to homes in the Kansas City Area, we usually recommend the ideal season to sell is in the Spring, specifically in May. 

As the weather transitions into a warmer season, buyers are at the edge of their seats excited to begin touring houses. The blossoming trees, perky plants, and natural sunlight offer an ambiance that favors the seller. For this reason alone, houses tend to be at their best as the weather warms up. And placing a home on the market during  March or April can be a fantastic segway into scheduling tours for May. 

4. Cleaning up the yard

The next step will be a fun project for the family and kids. So roll up those sleeves and get ready to get your hands dirty. It’s time to clean up the yard! 

Start by simply mowing the lawn and staying on top of general maintenance. Freshly cut grass gives the impression of regular maintenance of the entire home. Next, trim any hedges or bushes that may look uneven or overgrown. And lastly, since fences and decks are just extensions of the home, it is important to perform small or major repairs. Make sure all outer features are clean, freshly painted or stained, and in good standing. If a fence is caved in or laying on its side, then it is time for a new fence.

Cleaning up a yard makes a great first impression to the buyer and signals that the rest of the house is in good condition and well cared for. When a potential buyer sees an up-kept yard or hedge line this can relay to a buyer that the house is also in stellar shape. 

5. Sell Your House As-Is

While these are all relatively small updates to your home they can make a large impression on a potential buyer, however, if there are larger more costly repairs needed the above updates will do little to improve the sale of the home. Some of these larger repairs include – new roof, foundation repairs, and appliance updates. 

If you want to avoid making big or small repairs and updates to your home to get it ready for the market, selling your home as-is, is a great option for you! You can sell your house without any small updates or repairs to House Guys USA and receive cash for your home. 

Sell Your House for Cash

We want to help you sell your home fast, here at House Guys USA, we specialize in purchasing homes as-is, for cash. That means, we’re not the company listing your house, we’re in fact the ones who buy it.  We pay in cash so you can close on your home fast. No need for agents, no extra fees, and no extra costs. We can close as quickly as 7 days or less. Sometimes we can even have the cash check in your hands the very same day! Reach out now to schedule an appointment with us and get ready to sell your house for cash!


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