Seven Reasons to Sell Your Home for Cash

January 15, 2021
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One common thing for nearly everyone right now, in light of the pandemic, is that many folks are strapped for cash. Looking at the real estate industry’s history and the real estate market’s cyclical tendency, people may begin to panic about the current economy. After the last real estate crash, it is no shock that people are looking at options to liquidate their assets. 

Sell Your Home Quick – For Cash

Here are a few reasons to consider selling your home to a cash buyer. Some are of convenience and others are of urgency. House Guys USA wants you to have the very best options at your fingertips before you make your choice. 

One – Fast Liquid Funds

Whether you’re looking to liquidate a second home, a rental property, or make a fast move to a new location, a cash sale will process through closing with fewer hassles and less time. With a cash sale, there are fewer hoops for the buyer to jump through with a cash buyer than someone that needs to finance a home. 

Two – Security

As mentioned above, with home sales that require lender approvals and similar hurdles, the closing isn’t guaranteed until the papers are signed. Funding and contingencies can knock the purchase off the tracks. Once the funds are verified with a cash sale, the sale can proceed without red tape. The deal can’t be canceled for appraisal issues, lender restrictions, or other uncertainties. 

Three – Easier to Sell Vacant Homes to Cash Buyers

In most cases, a cash buyer is an investor. Consumer psychology has shown that a vacant home is harder to sell to an individual or family because it’s hard to visualize your own family in an empty home. A cash investor isn’t held back by sentiment. 

Four – No Expectation of Repairs

In a traditional house sale process, selling your home As-Is presents a plethora of complications. Loan programs often require specific standards to be met in the inspection and appraisal process that a cash sale will bypass. Because of this, there is less chance of the deal falling apart on the table. 

Five – You Keep the Funds

When you sell your home for cash, you’ll avoid the realtor fees and closing fees usually associated with a traditional financed home sale. Hiring a realtor usually means you’ll pay 5-6% of your sales price to them after closing. In a cash sale, this isn’t the case. 

Six – Choose Your Closing Date

In most cases, you can select your closing date so that you may stay where you are until you’re ready to move forward in your purchase. In some cases, you can remain in the home for up to a year after closing if it’s negotiated in the contracts. 

Seven – Cash Sale is a Simple Process

When you sell your home for cash, you tap into a market of buyers with speed in mind. They are ready to move on your property and don’t want to wait any longer than necessary. Give us a call to discuss the process for cash sales. 


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