Top 5 Essential Repairs to Complete Before You Sell Your Home

August 11, 2021
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When placing your home on the market, you want to make sure you have every advantage going in. Remedying a number of repairs could speed up your home’s sell time. But some repairs are bigger and more costly than others and when you have costly repairs your home can go from “ready to sell” to a “fixer-upper”.

The homes placed on the market with one or more of these five essential home repairs are considered fixer-upper homes. This category of home is seen as a project and not ready to move in. Although fixer-upper homes are not unsellable, they take time to find the right buyer and time is money. To ensure your home is sold fast, examine these five essential repairs in your home before placing your house on the market. 

1. Foundation Problems

The foundation of your home is exactly what it says it is, the foundation – the base of your home. As the lowest load-bearing point of your house, a strong foundation allows the rest of the home to be built and sustained safely, hence the name foundation. Being the base of the house means that if the foundation has issues, so will the rest of the home. These issues include but are not limited to cracks in walls, doors that do not close correctly, sinking floors, and a compromised structure. Foundation repairs can be expensive but are worth it because they protect the rest of your house from suffering damages associated with a foundation in disrepair.

Avg Cost: $4,544

2. L – beam (load-bearing walls)

L-beams or load-bearing walls and help to establish the structure and frame of the house. Load-bearing walls and L-beams create a form to your home’s ceiling, floors, walls, and doors. Essentially after your foundation is laid, you create the initial structure of the home through the L-beams which in turn “hold up” the house. Without sound L-beams, a home could suffer from sagging ceilings, unlevel floors, drywall cracks, and sticking doors. Perhaps the most important part of L-beams is keeping your home safe from collapse. As a crucial part of what makes a house structurally secure, poor L-beams can be a massive determining factor in your home’s resale. This can even stop the riskiest house-flipper in their tracks as “good bones” are the starting place for anyone looking to purchase a home for renovation. 

Avg Cost: $2,851 

3. Roof Repair

Roof damages can vary from very easy to fix, minimal, cosmetic damage to widespread, invasive damage that will be expensive and require professionals to fix. Small leaks can usually be fixed by the homeowner and require little more than a free afternoon and a trip to your local home goods store. If the damage is extensive, it will likely require a complete replacement. While this can be expensive, it is essential to maintain your home and keep other repair expenses down. A roof that goes unfixed will lead to costly water damage in the home that will be difficult to repair. This is even more true if you have an older home with an old roof. When this is the case homeowners open themselves up to even more damage to mechanical issues, flooding and floodplain issues, vermin infestations, asbestos, and radon gas. All of these factors make a newer roof a top priority in buyers’ minds when looking for their future home.  To sell your house faster, the roof should be inspected, and whatever repairs that need to be done, regardless of how costly, should be done.

Avg Cost: $884

4. Basement Flooding

To ensure that your house sells fast, you must ensure that any issues causing or will lead to water damage are fixed. A flooding basement is a very common issue in homes and one that is entirely preventable. Some of the steps that may be taken to prevent the basement from flooding include; adding gutter extensions to the house, waterproofing the walls, installing a curtain drain or water pump, and fixing the foundation. Even if these repairs are costly, they help prevent water damage, which is one of the first things people look for as a red flag in a home during viewings.

Avg Cost: $6,500

5. Termite Damage

Termite Damage is another common home problem. This one is pretty self-explanatory; termites once in your home destroy wood and lower property values. They also can degrade the structural integrity of your home by causing floors and ceilings to collapse. To sell your house faster once it is on the market, it is critical to either have the damage repaired already or have a plan in place to tell potential buyers about fixing the issue. Termite repairs must be performed by specialists who will first assess the damage, next they will treat for termites, and after that, they will begin repairing the wood that has been damaged in your home.

Avg Cost: $3,000

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