What do Most Realtors Charge to Sell Your House?

May 23, 2023
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What do Most Realtors Charge to Sell Your House

What Is A Real Estate Agent?

First, let’s start by discussing what a real estate agent is for those who do not know or want a better idea.

According to Investopedia, a real estate agent is a licensed professional who helps with housing transactions. They get buyers and sellers together for negotiations with different things pertaining to the house selling process. 

What Percentage Do Most Realtors Charge?

Bank Rate states that in most cases, realtors make about five to six percent of the home sale’s price. However, this percentage can vary from region and workplace. In order to estimate the price you would have to pay a realtor, take your marketed home price, and multiply that number by five to six percent and that will give you the price for each of those percentages. 

This can be useful in preparation for talking to a realtor to have more of a general idea of what is going on. Also, it helps you see if it is worth that price for the work they tell you they will be doing. 

Another thing to remember is you can try to negotiate how much to pay them. You just cannot be unreasonable for the price because they will less likely be accommodating for you, especially since they make a certain percentage already. 

Why is a good realtor worth the money you pay in commission?

Ramsey Solutions says a good realtor is worth the money because the agent has a lot of experience and success throughout their career. This means you are getting the best quality agent who will do anything to make the house selling process smoother for you. Keep in mind as well an agent can work with both sellers and buyers to provide the best information for people who are struggling on either end. 

A real estate agent helps with things including deciding on the right price to sell your home for, getting home inspections done, informing you on what should be fixed, a staging plan, developing a marketing plan to search for potential buyers, getting in on all the right offers to finalize on one, negotiating deals beneficial to you but not outrageous, and guiding you through the closing process. 

What Is The Lowest Commission A Realtor Will Take?

According to Home Bay, the lowest most will go is three percent of the total home’s sales price, which in total adds to six percent given the fact the payment goes towards both the buyer’s agents and the seller’s agents with each receiving three percent. There are a few who will only charge 1.5% of the total home’s sales price, which means three percent total for both buyer and seller with each receiving 1.5 %. Lower commissioned real estate agents are worth it as well if you pick a company that will give you the full-on experience and help plus you get it at a discounted price, which is always beneficial.

What Is The Busiest Time For Realtors?

We thought this would be good to know if you are trying to get a real estate agent that is flexible and not always busy to ensure your home selling process goes well. Bank Rate says the busiest times for real estate agents are May, June, July. With late spring and summer time approaching, a lot of people decide to move out at this time to ensure the weather conditions are safe to do so. With this, the slowest times are October and December with those being colder seasons and more of a risk for bad weather. Also, no one wants to move boxes in and out in freezing weather. It makes the process less fun.

Sell My House For Cash

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We hope you have learned more about surviving the house-selling process and wish you luck in the home selling process!


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