What Not to Do Before You Sell Your House?

May 11, 2023
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As you get into the house selling process, you may tend to focus on what you should do, which is great, but what about what not to do? Read more to learn what to avoid saying and doing in this process to ensure you have a better chance of having potential buyers put an offer in for your home!

Things Not To Do When Selling A House

According to Experian, these are some of the top things you should not do when selling a house…

Not doing any repairs

Avoiding serious repairs can make the process much harder once your home is on the market. When people see the obvious things that need repairs on a certain home, they may wonder what hidden things are wrong with the home. With this, the buyer will leave the house quickly unsatisfied.

Pricing too high

This can lead to your home staying on the market longer than intended since the home is highly priced. This especially becomes an issue when you are not willing to negotiate within a reasonable price range with the potential buyer. You must make sure the price of the home matches its actual value as well. No one is going to buy a home that is low value and high priced. 

Poor staging

When potential buyers look at your home, whether it is online or in person, it is important to make a good first impression. Declutter, clean, decorate, and fix any repairs. If no effort is put into the home’s overall appearance, buyers will not be attracted to the home.

Avoiding curb appeal

Not doing any work to your home’s curb appeal can make the buyer/s not interested. It is the first thing they see when looking at a home since it is the front exterior. Make a good first impression. This can be anything relating to the exterior such as windows, garage doors, front doors, roof, driveway, mailbox, and back yard.

Not being willing to do showings.

Potential buyers may either want to schedule a time or call last minute to walk around the house. You must be accommodating to their needs. In person can do more justice when looking at a home than photos online since it is physically there right in front of their faces, and it gives them a better look at everything in the house.

Having too many personal items displayed.

As a buyer walks your home, they are imagining themselves living in the home. Having the least amount of personal items possible allows the buyer to have a better vision of themselves in the home and will gain their interest. It may be your home but at the end of the day since you are selling it, you have to appeal to new buyers and make it less about yourself or your life.


Obviously, no one wants to walk around a home that smells bad, so get rid of anything that could possibly make the house smell bad and spray some freshener or light a candle to give it a good, flavorful smell.

Not hiring a real estate agent

They are expertise in this field specifically, so it is very beneficial to have one help with all parts of the process. Doing it yourself may be risky, considering not much experience is there.

What Not To Say When Selling Your House?

According to The Balance, when selling your house, you should not discuss…

  • The price of the home.
  • Why are you selling?
  • The problems you’ve encountered with the house.
  • Offers from other potential buyers or how many.
  • Potential price reductions.
  • How long the home has been on the market.
  • The timing of the closing process.

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