What Paperwork Do I Need to Sell My House?

March 23, 2023
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As you prepare to finalize housing decisions, it is important to ensure you have everything you need before closing the offer. Managing the house-selling process can sometimes be challenging when you’re trying to keep everything on track and remember every piece of information required. We are here to help and give you a refresher on what you need to sell your home successfully!

What Documents Do I Need to Sell My House?

As you scramble to get everything together, take some time to breeze through this checklist of documents you will need and make sure you have them or can acquire them. 

Sundae lists all the documents you might need:

  1. Mortgage loan documentation: This will break down your account, including amounts owed and other related charges. To access this paperwork, contact your bank or lender. In the document, you will see the payoff amount, including interest, which shows your capability of keeping the loan. This is required legally, so make sure to have it.
  2. Mandatory disclosures: This document makes potential buyers aware of issues associated with the house, especially if they are related to their health and safety. Be sure to research your local laws on what type of disclosures are required, as they vary from state to state. 
  3. Deed to the house: The deed is used to prove you purchased this house prior to you selling it. If the copy got lost, you can get it replaced at your locality’s recorder office or ask them for online access to it, depending on your geographic area. 
  4. Property tax documentation: On most occasions, you’ll need to provide a copy of your latest tax bill before the home selling process to show the buyer how much they will be paying in property taxes once they buy the home. 
  5. Homeowner’s insurance records: Providing insurance records is a good way to disclose any repairs, damage, or renovations. Although this documentation isn’t necessary or legally required, it is helpful to the buyer. 
  6. Personal identification information: To prevent fraud or scams, you must provide a license or state-issued identification that includes a photo of yourself. In some cases, you may need a utility bill or bank statement addressed and sent in the mail for you. 
  7. Original sale contract: When you bought the home initially, you signed a contract that includes the original sales price, disclosures, purchase proof, and through what terms did you purchase the home. This documentation may not be required, but it establishes a trusting seller-buyer relationship. 
  8. Final purchase and sale agreement: This is handled by your real estate agent and buyer’s attorney or agent. It covers all the aspects of the sale, including earnest deposits, sales price, closing terms, disclosures, and tax information. All parties must agree with everything written in this document before finalizing.

Suppose you take a different route in selling your home, such as a cash sale. Fewer documents are needed for this process.

What Paperwork is Needed for a Cash Sale?

Home Light states the only paperwork needed for a cash sale are:

  1. A contract includes the purchase price, deposit amount, additional required fees, and closing date.
  2. Anything documentation that discloses information about the property that could potentially impact its value and living standards.
  3. The closing document puts everything together and finalizes the deal.

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We hope you have learned more about surviving the house-selling process and wish you all the luck moving forward and onto your next adventure!


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