What Questions You Should Ask Your Cash Buyer

February 23, 2023
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As you finalize selling your house for cash, you may feel a little on edge about it. In this case, consider asking some questions to ensure the buyer is qualified and fits your expectations. If you are still deciding what questions to ask, follow this article to see what would be good to know before sealing the deal. 

Questions To Ask Your Cash Buyer

Stewardship Properties has come up with a great list of questions to ask your potential cash buyer:

Are you the middleman?

Most offers are made by a middleman who might intend to flip your home for a profit. If you are dealing with a middle-man buyer, make sure to ask about their process or contact the end buyer directly to see how the house gets to them. 

Will you purchase as-is?

Some cash buyers will not buy as is. Clarify with your potential buyer that they are purchasing your property as is. This ensures the process will be quick and as promised without having to do any repairs. The buyer should be happy to purchase the home as is, especially if their goal with that home is to fix it up and sell it later.

What is the offer?

Make sure you know how much they are offering before agreeing. You may want to try to negotiate but remember cash offers are typically a bit lower than the home’s value because it is being sold in current condition. Knowing the price is essential, so there is no risk of scams. It would not be a bad idea to ask for the offer in writing via a contract. This way, you can do some personal calculations or check if there are no other fees or closing costs.

What are your terms?

Check the terms and conditions with the buyer, as you will have to follow them. Every buyer is different, so their conditions will vary. Terms can be negotiable, though, so make sure to ask questions and get what you want out of the deal. Some contracts will ask for a home appraisal or have a lot of contingencies, so be cautious. Selling a house for cash should be simple, quick, and straight to the point.

Do you regularly buy homes for cash?

Experience is huge, and it establishes trust. A cash buyer should be comfortable sharing their experiences and knowledge with you. Most will mention they have local partners – a good sign of an expanding company.

Do you have customer reviews?

An established house-for-cash company will have reviews from prior sellers. Don’t hesitate to surf the web for them or ask your buyer about their website. 

Tell me about the closing process.

Speak to them about what this process entails and the time frame of it. In most cases, you should be able to show up, sign documents, and let them take care of the rest within thirty days. Keeping their contact information is important in case issues arise or they need to call you about anything.

Sell My House For Cash

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Ask them all the questions you have! We hope you have learned more about surviving the house-selling process and wish you luck!


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